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Water & Wastewater Storage Solutions

Water & Wastewater Storage Solutions

ZCL | Xerxes works to protect clean, abundant water supplies in regions across North America. Our sustainable storage solutions protect these limited natural resources with its diverse experience as a leading innovator in composite tank engineering to the growing water/wastewater industry. As this industry grows in complexity and demand, ZCL | Xerxes continues to prove itself ready to provide customers with tanks and accessories for a wide range of installation requirements for water and wastewater applications.

Oil Interceptors

Low maintenance storage for collecting and filtering oil from vehicle facilities and car washes

Municipal Wastewater

Our fiberglass underground storage systems are engineered pipe and tank design modules.

Stormwater Management Systems

Fiberglass underground storage tanks are the superior choice for stormwater capture and reuse, detention and infiltration systems.

Grease Interceptors

Low-maintenance storage for collecting grease restaurants and commercial food preparation facilities

Oil-Water Separators

High efficiency oil-water separators designed for long-lasting performance.

underground fuel tank
Water Conservation Tanks

Ultra-durable, watertight holding tanks ideal for water capture, conservation, and storage.

Fire Protection Tanks

The best standby water storage option for safe, reliable fire suppression systems.

Onsite Wastewater Tanks

Designed to meet commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal onsite wastewater requirements.

Potable Water Storage Tanks

Health and safety certified potable water tanks, manufactured with NSF 61-listed materials.

Industrial Wastewater Tanks

Premium, custom-fabricated materials provide ultimate protection for specific chemical storage needs.

Water Tank Accessories

A full range of tank accessories makes it easy to complete any installation.