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Fuel Storage Tanks

Fuel Storage Tanks

With a proven track record of more than 200,000 tanks installed, Xerxes has the ideal solution for your underground fuel tank needs. Our corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks are compatible with all fuel products, including biodiesel fuels, ethanol blends, ULSD, as well as with diesel exhaust fluid. For long-term, secure storage of fuel, there’s no better option than a Xerxes fuel tank.

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

Corrosion-resistant fiberglass fuel tanks offer superior environmental protection and new biofuel fuel storage options.

Multicompartment Underground Fuel Tanks

Cost-effective and space-efficient storage ideal for multiple fuel types.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tanks

Long-lasting tanks that meet the specific diesel exhaust fluid storage requirements.

Oil-Water Separators

High efficiency oil-water separators designed for long term performance.

Tank Upgrade System

Instantly upgrade existing single-wall tanks with added secondary containment.

Containment Sumps

Extend the benefits of fiberglass with custom-fitted, compatible sumps and collars.

Anchoring Systems

Xerxes underground tanks come with a full complement of anchoring options.

TRUCHEK® Hydrostatic Monitoring System

TRUCHEK® provides enhanced protection with continuous leak-detection monitoring.