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Case Study

Winery Recycles 1.35 Million Gallons of Water with Napa Green-Certified Wastewater Treatment

When its leach field failed, the owners of Napa Valley winery Castello di Amorosa knew it was time to reconsider their wastewater system. California had experienced a series of droughts, which resulted in increased water-use restrictions, and the need for wineries to reclaim and reuse the treated wastewater.

The winery’s environmental values drove them to search for the best treatment-system technology, design and tank material.

Three ZCL | Xerxes 22,000-gallon/83,000-liter fiberglass wastewater tanks (10-foot-diameter) replaced the previous concrete tanks. A BioMicrobics’ BioBarrier® HSMBR® (High Strength Membrane Bioreactor) treatment system is installed inside each tank.

Read the full case study here.