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Case Study

Vertical Water Storage Tanks for Oilfield Pump Test Bench

ZCL Composites provided two vertical water storage tanks to an oilfield services company in Leduc, AB for storage and recirculation of water used in testing and repairing pumps used in oilfield services.

The tanks provided were both 6’ diameter, one 15.5’ tall and one 17’ tall with capacities of 11,000 litres and 13,000 litres, respectively. This configuration allowed for minimal use of floor space while providing the capacities necessary for testing high-volume pumps. Both tanks have an internal coating of corrosion-resistant vinylester (VE) resin which provides protection from possible harsh chemicals present in the pumps being tested.

The tanks were equipped with multiple inlet and outlet nozzles at specific locations specified by the customer to allow for several different pumping and recirculation processes. Both tanks also included a 1” diameter clear external sight glass for visual monitoring of internal water levels while maintaining minimal external tank dimensions.