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Case Study

Grease interceptors at an upscale California mall


A restaurant typically needs a single grease interceptor. However, large projects like airports, hotels, metro stations and retail malls often require several. An upscale retail mall in Northern California needed 20.

Enviro Products West is a ZCL | Xerxes distributor who has brought sustainable, environmentally conscious products to customers for more than 10 years. Their industry experience, combined with our 40 years of manufacturing underground fiberglass tanks, ensured a strong solution for protecting the environment. This was a massive project, and every factor mattered.

Fiberglass is corrosion-resistant

California has strict laws governing the containment and transport of inedible kitchen grease. The first point of distinction and a vital consideration was that fiberglass tanks are corrosion resistant, both inside and out, says Linda Deunay, Enviro Products West president. Maximum environmental protection is especially important in environmentally-sensitive coastal areas like California.

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