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To deliver peace of mind through corrosion resistant solutions that preserve and protect the environment.

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Industry Leaders since 1979

ZCL is North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of environmentally friendly fibreglass reinforced plastic (“FRP”) underground storage tanks. ZCL has two plants in Canada, four in the US and one in The Netherlands. The Company serves the Fuel, Water & Wastewater and Oil & Gas markets.

Fuel Markets

ZCL is the leading provider of Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (“ULC”) listed underground fuel storage tanks for the downstream retail and commercial markets in both Canada and the US. The vast majority of tanks supplied to these markets are double wall tanks, with triple wall models also available. In addition, ZCL operates internationally through technology licensing agreements.

As an alternative to the replacement of underground storage tanks, ZCL also provides the Phoenix System®. This unique UL and ULC listed tank system allows in-situ upgrades of steel or fibreglass tanks to either a secondary containment system or a fully self-supporting double wall tank. It is an effective alternative to tank replacement.

A key component of both ZCL’s double wall tanks and the Phoenix System® is Parabeam®, a three-dimensional glass fabric that is manufactured and distributed from the Company’s facility in The Netherlands.

Water & Wastewater Markets

ZCL’s lightweight, watertight and easily installed fibreglass tanks are an ideal alternative to the concrete products that have traditionally dominated this market.

Applications for ZCL’s underground FRP storage tanks in the Water & Wastewater Markets include onsite wastewater treatment and municipal wastewater collection, dry hydrant cisterns and sprinkler systems, rainwater collection and storm water detention and filtration, grease, oil and solids interceptors and decontamination systems, wash down drainage and leachate treatment and potable water storage.

Oil & Gas Markets

ZCL fiberglass tanks are an excellent solution in Oil & Gas installations.

Within Oil & Gas, the Company provides tanks for upstream facilities (exploration/production well sites and production facilities), midstream facilities (transmission pipelines, distribution pipelines, storage terminals and loading terminals) and downstream facilities (refineries and upgraders, and distribution pipelines).